Paul White


Paul White is a founding member of Bassline Boutique.


As well as DJing a variety of styles at assorted venues around town, he spends

his time promoting Bassline Boutique nights, booking fresh international artists

and generally trying to be involved in and part of the brilliant Oslo bass music scene.

He is also a friendly bloke, if you see him around town, come say hi!






Koian (aka Andreas Gresvik) Creative leader and co-founder of Bassline Boutique.


After spending 3 years in Brighton (UK) developing his musical direction,

Koian is now seen back in his hometown Oslo, producing, dj`ing, promoting

and organizing club events. He spends his time working creatively with

visual design, web content, remixing and producing house and bassmusic

influenced by hip-hop, reggae and funk. Koian has released tracks on

Mutate Records and Six Degree Records.



Eric the Shutterbug


Shutterbug (aka Erik Ravnsborg-Gjertsen) - Head Chief of Visual Media


Nothing escapes Shutterbug`s sharp eye and with his photo bag fully packed

with all kinds of super hi-tech (and old-school) lenses and pro cameras, legendary nights and moments are forever captured, resulting in colorful and bright pictures with

a vivid and theatrical expression.


You`ll see Eric documenting clubnights, nightlife, festivals and concerts.

He has done work for Metafusion, The Solar Weekend Festival, Room 101,

a few rock bands and of course Bassline Boutique.

His own private projects involve nature and portraits done the old school way with

an analog medium format camera, developed and printed in his own darkroom.

He`s inspired by Morten Krogvold and Steve McCurry among others.

He also likes to talk a lot on the phone. 



Aytch  (aka Hkn Smith) -  Dj, Producer, Graphic Designer



Aytch spent more than a decade in London among bass and reprobates in the city’s many arches and warehouses. When he moved back to Oslo, he didn’t waste much time locating his Bassline Boutique brethren. Over the years, he's played at numerous beat-laden UK events, plus festivals such as Glade, Boomtown Fair, Secret Garden Party, Eden and Solar Weekend. He plays many different styles of tunes, favouring the likes of Glitch Hop, Fidget, Neurofunk, Electro Swing, Dubstep and really any other style of quality bass music. He is also signed to UK label Wonk#ay Records, currently producing mid-tempo bass music as Aytch.

Hood Drunk


Producer duo from Oslo Norway, made up of Shiftshape

aka Acke Peiling and Michael Jaeger.

Meet the Crew!